Continuous Type Of Vacuum Packaging Machine AVP-6000 Series


Pickle, Fish/shellfish boiled in soy sauce, Dairy food, Boiled bean, Fish cake, Cutlet fish, Preserved vegitable, Sausage, Industrial part


  • Conveyor type automatic vacuum packaging machine.
  • 10 kinds of vacuum time programs can be registered and it makes more efficient to work.
  • The frame and the bottom section are all stainless-steel.( Anodized aluminum chamber )
  • Both of the vacuum valve and the ventilation valve are equipped inside of the machine,and that enables the machine be simple.
  • Detachable belt for simple cleaning the inside is available at option.
  • The waterproof model which enable the machine to be washed is available at option.
  • The differrent options above mentioned can be combined.


Vacuum Packaging Machine